Picking The Right Fit

Today everything is on social media, from your work place to your local Chinese takeaway restaurant, to your old primary school teacher, everyone to everything is interrelated.  It started with MySpace then we all jumped boat to Facebook. Then in 2006 we started to “tweet” and we haven’t stopped. Now we are alternating between flicking through images on Instagram to PinInterest while we are constantly tweaking our resumes on LinkedIn and refreshing our news feed in Google+. With so many social media to choose from, how do you know which is suited to your company and which will be more beneficial?

Many would say the more, the better, but which company will sacrifice an employee and the large amount of time needed to sit there and research new content to update each platform throughout the day?  In most cases none. Be strategic. The best way to find a suitable platform to match your business is to see what your target audience is using and how often. If you are selling to a younger target audience you may have more mediums in which you can communicate through and need to update more regularly because they’re usage is higher and broader than other demographics. It is well known knowledge that tweens to young adults spend a majority of their time on facebook. In saying this, then facebook would be the most effective choice to correspond with your target audience. Although if you what you are selling is more of a visual concept, then imagery mediums such as Instagram and PinInterest may be more successful in displaying your products.  It’s all about thinking like your consumer and what is more convenient and will be more impressionable to them.

There is no point in having a twitter account if no one is hearing your tweets. Like any relationship you need to firstly build a connection (friend request), then a rapport (possible re-tweet) and then an ongoing friendship (include them in a wall post). To make sure your platform of choice is benefiting your company, you have to make sure you are connecting with the right people and have an enough of a following to read your posts, like your photos or to become your friends. Through these connections you will, in turn, build your target audience and increase the production of the company.