Phases in Online Marketing Plan

If you are thinking about including social media in your marketing technique, then you must have a proper plan. Whether you choose to make a social marketing plan on your own or whether you choose to hire an online marketing firm or marketing expert for marketing your website, some things should be there in your online marketing plan.

Start your planning by preparing a document that contains the scope and objective of the marketing plan. Document should clearly define the resources and methods that will be used during entire marketing campaign. It must define the objective of marketing plan. It should clearly define about the things that need to be included in a plan and things that need not to be included in that plan.

Following are the phases in an online marketing plan –

1. In first phase, all requirements are specified; expectations and goals to achieve are specified. This is the first phase of an online marketing plan.

2. In second phase, research starts. A thorough research is carried out about the competitor’s strategy of marketing and industry analysis. This will help you in modifying your marketing plan so that you can work accordingly.

3. Third phase is execution of the plan. Execution of a plan starts by creating profiles in social media sites and updating those profiles. You can update your profile by posting blogs in social media sites, by joining groups and getting engaged with the followers in twitter.

4. Last phase is about monitoring the entire marketing campaign to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.