Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay per click Advertising or PPC is a paid search mechanism that websites can employ to attract targeted traffic. A Pay Per Click (also known as Paid Placement ) search engine enables you to list your site at the top of the search engine results. You pay only when someone clicks on your listing and visits your site. You do not pay to be listed. You only pay per click.

You list your website by selecting keywords that are relevant to your product or service. For each keyword, you determine how much you are willing to spend. The higher you bid, the higher you will appear in the search results.

How Search Engine Experts can help?

If you have created a great website, but you are not attracting the potential visitors you require to generate the profits you expected, then this could be the most exciting page you ever read.

Search Engine Experts can guarantee to have your site listed on Google in 48 hours. We will do everything for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger and can focus on the profitable activities of running your business.

We will help you overcome the internet marketing learning curve by providing you with a seamless process that guarantees your website generates traffic from Google.

Important steps in setting up a PPC campaign

Keyword Selection for targeted traffic

Selecting key words and phrases to bid on is critical to a paid placement campaign’s success. If the wrong key phrases are chosen, they will cost too much and hardly convert into leads or sales. Hence, selecting the right keywords to achieve a higher return on investment becomes very important. Keyword research is an important first step in any PPC campaign. We conduct thorough research and analyze the keywords and costs that your competitors are bidding on and design a campaign to suit your needs and budget.

Advertising Copyrighting

Ad Copywriting is an art in which you need to convey a lot about your service in just a few words. You must convince people to click your ad in about 50 odd words. This requires precise and appealing text well aimed at the targeted audience and the right keyword. Our creative ad writing team has immense experience in designing attractive and targeted ad copies to drive the loads of prospects to your website and convert them into customers.

Landing Page Development

Getting visitors is tough, but once you get them, making them do what you expect from them is tougher. Landing pages are those web pages that your visitors come to (or “land” on) after they click on your paid listing. Your landing page must clearly reflect what was advertised in the search engine prompting them to take the action you want them to. A lot of PPC campaigns use their home page as their landing page, which is wrong in most cases. You must not expect the user to navigate and find what you have mentioned in your ad copy on the search listing. We build very effective landing pages, keeping the visitor, who just landed on this page by clicking the ad creative, in mind. Very specific “call to action” elements are designed on the page to increase the chances of conversion.

Bid Management and results tracking

Some pay per click campaigns are small and can be managed manually. But some have thousands of keywords and it becomes tough to manage and measure the effectiveness of such campaigns. Automated bid management tools can be used for managing such large paid placement campaigns. Monitoring pay per click programs is essential to determine, control and improve the return on investment.

Overall, executed well, PPC can prove to be a real boon for businesses. We provide complete end-to-end consulting for paid search marketing campaigns and have in house expertise on some of the leading third party bid management tools.

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