Paid Search and Organic Search

Search Engine Marketing is really very effective in getting high traffic. More companies are using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to promote their websites and to improve the sales of products and services. If you plan to invest in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), then you need to know how it works.

Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing involves two things –

1. Paid Search

2. Organic Search

In paid search, you need to pay for achieving place in online advertisements. All advertisers will have to pay for the clicks that are achieved through online advertisements. Such marketing is a form of online advertising and they are labelled as “sponsored”.

Organic search is also called as natural search; the results that are displayed in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are called as organic results or natural results.

Web crawlers gather all organic results and give them rank according to the relevance of them with the queries entered by users. This relevance is measured by the number of quality of backlinks means sites that are linking with that site and matching of keywords with the query.

There are many advantages of being listed in organic search –

Traffic – Natural results are clicked more than paid advertisements. So, more traffic is gained through organic searches.

Long Lasting Results –Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns provide results in a short time but it does not last for long time, while the results that are gained by making hard efforts last for long time. Natural results are long lasting; they remain in their place for long time if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done effectively and efficiently.