Out With The Old, In With The New

With new software and techniques, web design is constantly changing. New layouts and trends becoming consistently updated making it hard to keep a “modern” look. If you have started to feel as though your site is a little bit dated and in need of a re-vamp, keep in mind these key points when redesigning.

It is important to create a pleasant and simple experience for every user. Use a clear layout that will ensure you audience is able to access the information needed and quickly. This will leave a good impression and most likely create a regular visitor.

We have become less patient when using technology, especially with devices becoming quicker and more efficient. A good tip would be to make sure the speed of your site is as fast as possible. Try to clean up and remove as many extraneous codes and outdated links that will delay your loading time and frustrate you visitor. A faster page means better search rankings.

Include enjoyable and compelling content that will intrigue readers. Also use graphics and imagery to help catch their attention and also to liven a page. Pay close attention to fonts and colours used. Be careful to not go over board and make a page too busy and over bearing. Be creative with the wording and tailor the overall look to reflect your company but also to be attractive to your target market and give them what they’re looking for.

The key formula to an effective website is a visually inviting site that is easily accessible and effortless to navigate. It includes enough content that is of value to a user and is engaging. Your website may be currently on trend with all of these elements, however it is always worth updating and upgrading every so often. Change isn’t always a bad thing.