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12 Useful Online Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners – A self check

In this post small business owners can find list of Webmaster resources, online marketing resources and tools that can help to track and improve existing SEO work performed in Business website or Blog.

But don’t forget to leave SEO work to experts and suggest your thoughts on your type of business and customers using below Webmaster resources and tools.

(1) Google Webmaster Tools to improve traffic
(2) Analyze your visitors, search engine visibility and keyword search through Google Analytics
(3) Find pages that link to your site and competitor site using Site Explorer
(4) Track search engine result placement for your keyword and URL
(5) Check your web page in different screen resolutions
(6) Type out your domain or keywords in search box to find relationship between linking sites and topics, a Visual Meta search engine
7) Check you site load time and fix if it is too slow. This will help search engine spiders to crawl easily
(8) Find out how search engine spiders look at your site
(9) Find how your website is targeted in local search engines
(10) Find insight of your website keyword search terms and location; target your business accordingly.
(11) Get quick traffic and cost estimates on your keywords for sponsored listings.
(12) Measure your ROI from SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimization.

The above Online marketing resources and tools are easy to use by Small Business Owners and using this you can support web site promotion work performed by an individual or SEO company.