New Facebook App – Tracking Device?

Reports surfaced on Monday that Facebook is in development of a new smart phone app. On the heels of the newly released third tier to the Facebook program – Graph Search. This new app is designed to track friends and where “they’re out and about”.

Facebook currently has the ‘check-in’ function that allows users to check into places both residential and commercial. Depending on your relationship status with the particular friend, this check in can show up as a notification.

Bloomberg who released the report noted that this new mobile application could be a base to sell ads for the locations that are visited. Although the previous app of check-in is voluntary, supposedly this new app has already gained permission by users to run the app on personal mobile devices.

The app that is expected to be released in March is an effort by the social media giants to increase its mobile production and revenue across all platforms. With Graph Search already teetering on an invasion of privacy, this automation of broadcasted information is sure to have some sort of reaction to those hoping to keep their movements discreet.