New Advertising Space Up For Grabs On Yelp

The local directory  that was founded in October 2004, has newly begun leasing advertising space through out their mobile app for correlating businesses to  Yelp categories.

Yelp has now started hosting display ads in its mobile app with the first two businesses to advertise being InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Mexican food giants, Taco Bell. The two companies will be exclusive advertisers for their Yelp category; travel and restaurants for the next month.

The service that is used worldwide, with 100 million unique visitors monthly, provides a 5-point rating of business listings relating specifically to the users search. With each business listed within Yelp’s directory, they’re also accompanied by reviews from consumers. These in turn help to build and develop local SEO for each business.

According to comScore Yelp is the 24th largest mobile media property, with 45% of Yelp’s search mainly coming from mobile devices and most hits being over the weekend period. This smart forward move by IHG, Taco Bell and an alcohol company yet to be announced is a tactical way to get in the view of Yelps enormous user audience.