Twitter has launched a new app with a compatible web version of their new music service – #music.

The new app functions around the information sourced from Twitter chatter to determine emerging tracks and artists that are gaining popularity. Through this collected information, users are then recommended related artists or songs to listen to. These 30 second samples can then be purchased through iTunes or listened in full after subscribing to Spotify or Rdio for a reasonable monthly fee.

The recommendations are made to users following popular artists or through detection of popular songs, engagement and interaction, use of hash-tagged words and will then surface for users to select.

Currently the service is available in the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. With the app limited to only iPhones and through a website, it has been stated it will eventually become compatible for iPads and Android devices.

The release of this new app follows the succession of Twitters video app – Vine. This new open avenue of music, provides social media platforms the ability to expand into more apps, networking, marketing and offer more products.