Local & Mobile search

Recently, Google announced Place Search, a new way of displaying search results for local businesses. Place Search makes Place Pages, local business profiles with basic information such as address, telephone number and official website as well as both Google and third-party reviews, figure more prominently in Google search results. A dramatic change, Place Search is likely to have a considerable impact on local search engine optimization.

“Search Engine Experts was one of the first to grasp the potential of online local search in its many forms, and has developed an exceptional talent for helping its clients get the representation they deserve in local search.”

Mobile Search:

Do not neglect the mobile search market. With the advent of systems like Verizon’s new technology and the Blackberry, people search for the nearest theater using their handheld device. Then they will search for that great martini bar that is nearby and open after the show.

Local City Searches:

CitySearch is a major provider of local information for sites including MSN, Ask.com, Expedia.com, Ticketmaster.com, and many others.

Contact information on your site:

Have a physical address and phone number within an <address> tag at least on your contact page and one other page; the best option would be the homepage. By far the best option is to have your address on all pages of your site. Such information builds trust rank value for your web site too.

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