Linking With Alikes Through LinkedIn

Launched in May of 2003, LinkedIn has become a vital use of social media for professionals. It is used predominantly build networks and connecting for those involved in similar industries.  It has been used as a headhunting tool for candidates for newly available job opportunities and also develops awareness about companies.

Founded by Reid Hoffman, previously executive of PayPal, LinkedIn is now run by Yahoo! Inc. executive Jeff Weiner. Since its launch almost ten years ago it has now 175 million users and 47.6 million unique visitors globally each month.

It has ultimately become a great business resource for growing companies and brands. It is an efficient way to share business idea with alike professionals or to even come in contact with the people that will help kick start your business. Creating a profile on LinkedIn is a start to building a larger awareness for your brand. LinkedIn isn’t necessarily about having an enormous following like twitter, its more about being connected with the right people. Like most resumes, keep it simple and relevant. If businesses are on the hunt to hire or invest they want to know the good stuff, not particularly where you worked during high school. With a steady 2.2 million Australia users, there is a definite need to stand out amongst the mass. LinkedIn has designed each profile to have a headline. Do not overlook this feature. Use specific key words to describe your job role. These key words alongside your name may even come up in Google search results. It can be greatly used as an advantage to you if somebody is searching for a candidate with particular experience.

Promote your profile by sharing links through other platforms and accounts you may hold. If people are interested in you and your business propositions, they will want to know more. A good tip when creating your profile is to show off as much personality as possible whilst still maintaining a professional manner. Begin to share your insight and knowledge with the LinkedIn community. It will help you to make rapports and strengthen connections. Once you have developed a strong personal brand amongst peers, it will start to bring in a consistent flow of interested customer and intrigued business minds.

Start getting connected today at LinkedIn