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“secrets” for a successful landing page

Great-converting landing pages and SEO are in an “it’s-complicated” relationship.


Optimised Landing Pages are Used to get the Optimum Results for PPC and SEO. All the companies spending money would thrive to get good conversion rate for organic as well as paid traffic.

Many companies prefer diverting the PPC traffic to paid traffic optimised page which will be a straightforward lead generation form. One of the general rule of good optimised landing page is to have targeted content and proper navigation on the targeted page

As you Now understand the perfect landing page, don’t neglect the key features of successful landing pages. There are just three things to remember:

  • Put text in collapsing divs.
  • Make your site a linkable asset.
  • Provide sharing potential.

Landing Pages

SEO landing pages is one of the best way to attract visitors making an online search to your website. One of the best SEO techniques is to create SEO landing pages for your customers and inserting proper page title and keywords so that the customer lands on the page relating to product/service they are looking for. Not all visitors to your website from search engines will go to your website home page but instead with this technique they will be targeted to visit the relevant pages pertaining to their search results.

SEO landing pages typically have higher content density as opposed to home pages. When proper SEO is done on the website with targeted content it is easier to rank the site based on the page title, keyword, URL structure etc. The key to engage the customer after landing them on the landing page is to have navigation for the whole website on all the pages. The lead capture form or Contact Us form on all the pages adds a big tick to successful SEO.

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