Knowing Your Facts & Figures

Analyzing and reviewing your online marketing campaign through recorded data, is a great way to help you reflect and reassess your online campaigns. It will allow you to breakdown and review each individual platform of marketing and assess where there is a need for improvement or slight adjustments to enhance your online marketing and draw in more users and build a stronger online presence.

Most social medias have a dedicated page displaying the collected data of number of visitors, age bracket of users, peak period of users and also the location in which the users are situated. This is a great resource to use to help further understand your consumers and also how to improve reaching your target market. Facebook displays this information in graphs to help convey the data. There is also a filter function to help you narrow down the facts and figures to certain aspects.

Google Analytics is top resource and tool to help track statistics about your websites traffic, number of conversions from users to consumers, amount of time spent on each page. The best thing about Google Analytics is that it’s free, making it even more appealing to business owners. Google Analytics is now integrated with AdWords, making it more relative for those wanting to manage their online sites.

Regular reviewing collated data and information sourced from your social media platforms, website and other marketing campaigns will greatly benefit your business and help to adjust accordingly to suit market trends.