Keeping Your Cool, Brand Authority & Reputation

In life it’s hard to keep everyone happy. Situations will arise, where you will be unable to resolve the issue and provide a solution. Sometimes things can just be out of your own control. Handling difficult situations well is an integral part of your businesses reputation. These situations can occur anywhere at any time, including online.

Beware of the bad customer service “Ripple Effect”: a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience. This effect can be crucial in your social media marketing and also word-of-mouth marketing and can significantly affect the success of your business.

With any open forum, opinions, thoughts and reviews cannot really be edited or filtered. This is similar with social medias. Wall posts, tweets, photographs they can all go viral in a matter of seconds. Customers choose to use these mediums as a means to communicate, discuss queries, leave opinions or reviews about your business. If you ignore, delete or rebut the negative thought left, it will be noticed and reflect badly on your business.

Never ignore somebody’s comment whether positive or negative. Acknowledging their post even if it is only with a Facebook “like” will show to your audience that you are active on your page and that you maintain interaction with your client base.

When replying to a customer always be come across considerate and open minded. Don’t be defensive or to attack back at them. Take it all as constructive criticism. Maybe the issue they have brought to your attention does need some fixing. Giving a prompt response will also show users and clients that you treat each customer with the utmost respect and also the ability to acknowledge your own mistake.

People will affiliate more with a brand or company that proves to be honest. At times we may not always have an answer. It will reflect poorly on you if you give a false response back that consumers may be able to see through, further damaging your businesses reputation. If you don’t know the correct answer, don’t let their comment linger. Always respond and honestly admit you are unsure but will get back to them with a solution. This will help your company comes across as humble and prove that you are willing to go above and beyond for each customer.

Dealing with disgruntled customer is always a delicate issue. It can be hard to keep your cool and not show your true feelings or let slip what you really want to say. However you must always remember that you are a representative of a brand and the voice of a company and will have to set aside these feelings and maintain a professional manner. To retain and uphold your reputation you must always be respectful and be open to feedback. Always endeavor to acknowledge or respond to each comment, post or message you receive because ignoring these could result in the “Ripple Effect”. Remember, it only takes one unhappy customer to demolish a reputation that took years to build.