Joomla Application Framework Offers Advanced Features

In today’s world, everyone is familiar with Joomla an open source CMS (Content Management System) which provides the facility of adding, modifying and managing content online. It is a complete package for managing content online. The backend or admin area of Joomla is quite easy to handle once you get familiar with it. Ease of use feature of Joomla has made it very popular among people.

Backend or admin area of Joomla is used by web masters and administrators to structure a site. The front end is design which can be made attractive by downloading and installing free templates in your site. Through basic Joomla package you can create or develop websites that have limited functionality. If you are creating a website for any business or organization, then you will need advanced features in your site which are not available with the basic Joomla installation package. Therefore, the application framework of Joomla is needed to install in the website for making your site outstanding.

The application framework of Joomla offers following facilities to a business –

1. Framework provides the facility of Inventory control system

2. There are data reporting tools available in the framework

3. E-commerce systems

4. Communication tools

5. Online reservation systems

6. Online booking systems

If you do not know anything about Joomla, then you can learn it by searching on internet. You will find many articles, blogs and videos on How to learn Joomla. You can design a website with attractive and wonderful look by learning Joomla.