It Really is Really Simple Syndication

Rich Site Summary, often referred to as Really Simple Syndication is a group of channels used to efficiently and frequently update blog entries, news headlines and videos. RSS is a resourceful and time efficient way for web owners to renew and filter through subscribed feeds and allows them to syndicate content automatically.

It works by using software called an RSS reader. This can either be web or desktop based. The user than subscribes to suitable correlating feeds with similar products or interests and with the help of a user interface, it filters through the content and uploads regularly with content that is relevant. Tapping into Google reader would be the number one way to use RSS effectively. Already being one of the kings of the search engine industry, Google has altered its search rankings and results to what feeds you subscribe to. Meaning, your subscriptions with others will benefit your rankings.

RSS is a great tool to help in conjunction with other SEO methods to gain stronger visibility on search engine results.  It’s a simple strategy but will be largely effective. To get any visibility on a search engine can be difficult at times and it is what all companies are striving for. RSS relies on people subscribing to your feed. Connecting with subscribers is easier than you think. Getting consumers to subscribe to your feed can be effortless through a range of mediums and platforms all by placing your Google reader link at the end of weekly newsletters, on your twitter profile, emailing your LinkedIn contacts or posting it on your Facebook page.

RSS can be a great utensil to help build your brand recognition across the web and significantly influence your search engine ranking. It’s something so simple and yet so affective.