Is SEO the only way to Rank on Google?

When Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin little they knew that their research project will become Multi Billion dollar worth company, and that millions of people will make living out of it, SEO – search engine optimization – is huge part of Google due to millions of hit to Google, companies try their best to be SEO.
There are billions and trillions of websites that Google search and in order for your website to be within the first page it has to be SEO.

Due to common use of internet and younger generations use of search engines companies realise the best way to target their customers is through internet and in order to have online brand they have to pay a lot of attention to SEO and dedicate big portion of their budget and staff to work on SEO.

SEO is an investment not an ongoing cost, the leads it generates will out run the cost by far in no time. It looks like that SEO will be the next big bang in IT world!