Increasing sales with less Website traffic

” One of the biggest mistakes webmasters make is trying to gain as many visitors to their site as possible “.

Feel free to read that sentence again because it sounds like a contradiction.

Don’t buy ‘traffic’ or join traffic exchange schemes – you might get flooded with traffic (according to your stats) but think of it a like a bus load of people visiting a bar …just to use the toilet. One person may possibly buy a cheap drink but the cost of wear and tear caused by the other visitors outweighs any spend.

Less traffic is often better, as long as the traffic gained is targeted quality traffic. The key here is focussing on your conversion rate. Let’s say you have number one position in Google for the keyword ‘colour printers’ and you sell printing machines … but the vast amount of traffic you achieve is looking for a supplier of colour brochures, you won’t any colour printers and your conversion rate will be very low, probably a big fat zero.

There are a lot of reasons why your site may appear to be achieving vast amounts of traffic but very little in revenue. Depending on your statistics and log files, you may get clues as to whether they are genuine human visitors or spiders sent by outside software.

If it is clear that the majority of visitors are human, you will need to inspect the keywords used or referred pages because this will provide a better picture of how you are being found. My example of ‘colour printers’ illustrates the modern double meanings that frequently occur. How about ‘Plant Hire’ – there are companies that hire plants for interior design, shrubs and trees etc, yet construction vehicle rental is also ‘plant hire’.