Importance of RSS Feeds

RSS is used for distributing headlines, new content and notifications to many people with the use of programs that manage the material. RSS notifies the readers or internet users automatically whenever the new content, news of their interest arrives at the website.

RSS feeds can be accessed by RSS aggregators. RSS aggregators are downloaded in the subscriber’s computer. RSS aggregators collect RSS feeds of the subscriber’s interest from all the websites. Then RSS aggregators present these feeds to subscribers in a readable format.

RSS feeds use XML that is EXtensible Markup Language. While using XML, if any tag is missing then it may create problems for you. RSS feed includes title that is given to the article, short description and a link to your original article. RSS feeds serve as a great communication medium to the businessmen. If they are managed properly then they bring most of the traffic to a website. If RSS feeds are updated often, then they will definitely catch the attention of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN and will easily get indexed in these search engines.

If you do not update your website regularly, then it will lose the attention of search engines as search engine’s spiders love those sites which are updated often. Thus the sites which are stagnant will get low traffic, less sales and less profit. They will lose their business just because of one mistake. Therefore creation of RSS is beneficial for all sites as it brings traffic and profit for the business.