Imagery To Improve SEO

Imagery has a huge impact on consumers and their online behavior. If we are initially attracted to an image or our attention is drawn to it, it can influence our decision to purchase or make us click on a certain link because of its appeal and the thoughts we may associate with it.

Most people are intrigued by imagery or have a tendency to trust and use links more so if they a complimenting picture. By using images as part of your online marketing campaign can improve your overall search engine results by directing traffic to your site.

Inserting imagery into your website will help boost your SEO by driving more traffic to your site through “Alt Text” information. It is an effective technique that allows you to insert SEO content that search engines won’t penalize you for. Alt Text is the term used to specifically title the image. To use this tool to significantly benefit your SEO, title the image as a description of your product or service or the feeling you want the image to portray and they will be accessed by search engines.

When including images into your Web Pages be sure to not be too overbearing or distracting your user. Images will slow the speed of your site and make it longer for users to navigate through each page. By negatively impacting and affecting a visitors experience will ultimately damage from your rankings.

Adding title tags can further improve your SEO. Using the images as links and gateways to direct your traffic to related pages will also add to your search engine ranking. These titles can be links to further information on that particular product or take you through to a gallery on that product. Adding title tags will help search engines filter and classify images.