How to Use RSS Feeds to Market Your Business

RSS feed that stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a tool which is used to notify multiple users or readers about your blog post instantly and simultaneously. RSS feed assists you to inform your users and customers whenever you have posted a new content.

Through RSS feeds, you can broadcast new content, video, posts, articles to the RSS members and users.

Here are following tips to use RSS feed to market your business –

1. Create a feed –

You can choose the way you can distribute your articles, posts, videos etc. to users based on the software you use. You have one option of sending one feed or notification about your content or article or videos.

After setting this feed, your users will be able to see RSS feed icon and they can subscribe RSS feed.

2. Start Using the RSS feed –

After setting up the RSS feed, you can start using it for communicating with the users about the products, services you offer or anything else relevant to your business. The users who subscribe to your RSS feed will get alerted whenever a new blog or article is published in your website.

3. Private Notifications of RSS –

You have also the facility to notify some selected customers about the special offers your business offers. You can send them special deals.

Once you get success in your own RSS feeds, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds relevant to your niche from other sites through which you can market research about your competitors.