How to Promote RSS Feeds?

There is a little controversy about RSS feed that it brings traffic. Once you create RSS feed in your site, how the people will know about that RSS feed?

You can submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. There are many RSS directories in which you can submit RSS feeds freely. RSS feeds are grouped together in specific category based on the subject of those feeds. Online users search for RSS feeds in RSS directories to find RSS of their interest. Therefore, you need to place your RSS feeds in the relevant RSS feed.

Once you have placed RSS feed in your website, you need to explain RSS feeds in your website so that everyone who lands on your site can understand what RSS is; because not everyone knows about RSS feeds.

With the emergence of RSS feeds, the location of RSS was denoted as colourful flag. Now-a-days look of those flags is changed. Chicklets are used to indicate the presence of RSS feed in your website. Chicklets are known as small square icons which are used to describe the presence of RSS feeds.

To get attention of media, it is necessary to send a press release to media that you have some RSS feeds about specific subject. This may happen that media may subscribe to your RSS feeds in order to get latest news about your business.

You can send newsletters in mails to make people aware about your RSS feed. If the people find the RSS feed of their interest then they will come to your site.