How to Optimize RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are significant in bringing traffic to a website. RSS feeds can also be used as online marketing tools. By optimizing your RSS feeds, you can gain exposure in the online world.

You can optimize your RSS feeds following these tips –

  1. In RSS feed, channel title is very important. A channel title must have keyword included in it and relevant to the content. If you want an RSS feed to be compatible with RSS reader, then you are advised to not include HTML tags in your title. When an RSS feed is submitted in some RSS directories then it is advised to keep channel title impressive and keyword rich, as most of the RSS directories index an RSS feed on the basis of channel title included in them.
  2. Description of an RSS feed is written to maintain the interest of readers, so that they become eager to read that feed. You can use HTML tags in channel description to decorate and format the text.
  3. The item title defines the title of an item in RSS feed. These item titles should contain almost 75 characters including spaces. RSS item titles are just headlines nothing else, but they can grab the attention of users if they seem interesting to them.
  4. Through RSS feeds, publishers can place anchor text in their articles so that people can be driven to the site’s internal pages.

By including and working on these tips, you can gain exposure for your RSS feed as well as your website.