How to Measure The Success of Marketing Campaign?

As social media is emerged in today’s era, it has brought down the conventional marketing methods. It has provided different and unique ways or methods to market the sites. In old world, you never knew how much you spent in a marketing campaign, whereas through Social Media you can market your website at free of cost.

How to know that you are making enough efforts for success your business?

Following are the factors to know how to measure effectiveness of a marketing campaign?

1. Discussion – Through online discussion, you will be able to get honest feedbacks from members of discussion boards; you will get good feedbacks, bad feedbacks, advice and suggestions to make your marketing campaign successful.

2. Monitoring Tools –¬†Watching and monitoring the activities on facebook and twitter is not enough for you to measure your marketing campaign. There are some tools that monitor the traffic generated through marketing campaigns.

3. Brand Awareness – Social media is the best way to build your brand. The effectiveness of your marketing campaign can be measured by counting the number of searches for your brand, number of followers, and number of backlinks.

4. Interaction Signs –¬†Through social media like facebook, twitter etc. are ways to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. People give ratings to your brand; they retweet about your tweets, they like your products, all these are signs of interaction of people with your business.

5. Feedback – You need to note the feedback given by people whether it is good or bad; so that you can understand the negativity and also positivity of your campaign.