How to Make Your Content Go Viral

Have you ever wondered what makes some content go viral while other content doesn’t? How can you give your content the best chance of being seen and shared over and over again? The answer to these questions is contained within this blog post. We cover exactly the characteristics your content needs to embody to get it spiralling off into the internet hall of fame for all the right reasons. Read on to discover three top qualities viral content usually has, and how you can make use of these ideas in your content today.

Create Emotion

Emotion is a very powerful thing, powerful enough to cause content to go viral. Consider the gamut of emotions – anger, sadness, anxiety, awe, humour, etc. Which emotions do you want your customers or clients to feel? Visual mediums like YouTube and Instagram are particularly good at evoking emotion, but storytelling can be a potent source of it as well.

Positive Message

While any emotion can draw attention to your brand, a piece of content that generates positive emotions via an upbeat message will perform better than a negative one. So bear in mind whether you’re provoking a negative or positive reaction to your content. It may be helpful to consider the aspects of your product or service that make people feel good, and find ways of promoting that in your content.

Practical or Useful Content

Content that is practical and useful often is something that will go viral, as people will share it with others to be helpful. Useful content is made to be shared, and has a kind of intrinsic value in it. An example of useful content is the infographic, which encapsulates a process or other practical piece of information in an easy to understand way.

Need Help Making Your Content More Memorable?

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