How to Effectively Implement SMO?

Social Media is an online practice in which people share experiences, their thought, like, dislikes with each other in all subjects and fields. Using social media, people can share their photos, videos, content on internet.

Generally, these practices involve forums, podcasts, blogs, wikis, and message boards. There are many sites are available for Social Media Optimization like del.icio.us, digg, Wikipedia, blinklist etc.

To make your website visible in search engines is not a very easy task, but by Social Media Optimization (SMO) your site can be optimized.

These are 5 rules to effectively implement SMO in your site –

  1. Make social bookmarking easy
  2. Start participating in online discussions
  3. Make your website linkable

1. Make social bookmarking easy –

You need to make social bookmarking easy by adding a social bookmark button in your post. You can also add a text link to your site. This will generate votes of users for making the content user friendly.

2. Start participating in online discussions –

You can start your participation in online forums, discussion boards and can target the audience by such forums. Do not ever hesitate in joining such forums and discussion boards. This will improve your business by targeting the customers.

3. Make your website linkable –

Make your website linkable by establishing blogs in your website. This will drive potential traffic to your website. If you get valuable visitors or customers through which your site is getting benefits, then those users should be awarded by you. This will encourage them to help in making your site better.