How to Earn Money Through WordPress

WordPress is popularly used platform for blogging. No doubt, it is number one platform for blogging and creating sites. WordPress is a platform through which you can earn money. Do you wonder how?

Followings are the steps to guide you to earn money through WordPress –

1. Choose a Subject –

First select a topic on which you are interested in writing. Choose a topic on which you have enough knowledge so that you can write on that topic. The topic you selected needs to be clear in meaning, so that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. can find your blog.

2. Create a Blog –

Before creating a blog on WordPress, site needs to be hosted either by paid hosting or free hosting.

If you need free hosting service then wordpress.com hosting is the best hosting as it is free and you need not to worry about all complications related to web hosting like managing databases and updates etc. You have facility to choose your own domain name for your site. Although wordpress.com is the best hosting for your WordPress site but there are also other options to host your site. You can choose or find free web hosting sites by searching on internet.

In paid hosting, you are allowed to completely control over your blog or site. You can download and install many themes to make your blog beautiful.

3. Choose the best Theme –