How to Design A Search Engine Friendly Website?

The online users buy and sell the products and services, search engines do not. But, it is not possible for the visitors or users to search the websites without the help of search engines. So whenever you develop a website, you should keep in mind that website should be designed for visitors and search engines.

Spending a lot of money in designing your site does not ensure that it will drive more traffic to your website, or attract many visitors to your site.

Here are few tips to design a search engine friendly site –

1. Make the design of a site very simple –

Create a website of simple pages like .html, .htm pages; keep scripting code in separate file, so that code seems simple.

2. Help Search Engine Spiders to Find Your Page –

Place links of your pages in each of your web page, so that crawlers can easily get your inside pages. Build a sitemap file that includes all the links of your web pages to your homepage. Google sitemap can be created as .xml file.

3. Place less images and videos on site –

Placing the images of large size, videos increase the loading time of a site, users may lose their interest in the site and may go away of your site.

4. Don’t use Cookies on Your Site –

Do not ever use cookies in your website, as search engines don’t like the websites who have cookies. Session IDs and cookies are needed to track visitors, but avoiding them will be helpful for your business.