How to Create Clever Captions on Social Media

You might think captions are kind of a copywriting obligation, rather than a place to make your business really shine, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Your captions on social media can bring personality to your company and help make it stand out from the rest on the socials. In this blog, we’ll cover some simple ways to elevate your caption copywriting. Buckle up your seatbelt, because this wordy ride is about to take off!

Tip #1 – Grab Attention

Did you know that you have about 1 second to grab someone’s attention on social media? That means you need to be snappy and to the point. Use curiosity to draw someone into your post, especially in those characters before the ellipses, aka where Instagram cuts off your copy when showing your post in a feed.

Tip #2 – Use a Great Photo or Video

A caption can do a lot, but it can’t work in isolation, so make sure that while writing the best caption you can, you also choose a great photo or video to accompany it.

Tip #3 – Use Your Caption to Help Engagement

You might be wondering, what is a caption for, anyway? A caption isn’t just a place for you to spruik your wares; it’s also a place to promote engagement with your post, and a way to help people read on and think about the content of your post. They might even click a like or choose to follow you. So make it worth engaging with!

Tip #4 – Speak Like a Real Person

There’s nothing more disengaging than a social media account that talks like a salesperson. Instead, think about how you would talk to your best friend. What kinds of words would you use? Your language should be more personal and relatable, rather than relying on generic clichés.

Tip #5 – Space Out Lines of Text

The best way to prevent people from being able to easily read your captions is to have the words all in one solid block. Make sure you space out your lines of text to make your captions much easier to read.

Need More Tips for Captions?

If you don’t know how to improve your social media performance, don’t worry, because we do. Our experts in social media can get you on the right path to success. Implement the tips above by all means, but if you want to go further, contact Search Engine Experts today on 1300 885 495.