How to choose the right WordPress software for your business?

WordPress is software that is used to write blogs and it has become very popular in less time. If you have set in your mind that you will be going to use WordPress, then you need to choose the site among two options wordpress.com or wordpress.org, from which you would like to set up a blog.

WordPress.com provides a business to set up its blog in very simple and easy manner. It is free and multi user source which allows its users to register and publish their blog hassle free. There are various themes that you can use in your blog.

WordPress.com is managed by WordPress so there is no need to worry about any spam, security, and set up, because WordPress takes care of all these things just for you.

You can not upload your plug-ins and themes; this is a drawback of it. Google Ad Sense ads are not allowed in WordPress.com.

On other hand, wordpress.org allows a user to use any of the themes and plug-ins. You can completely control the look and design of a website, as you like it to be. The functionality of your site is expanded by plug-ins.

But it needs a lot technical knowledge to set up a blog in wordpress.org. You will also need a hosting service provider so that you can access FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and use MySQL databases. WordPress.org has a forum that contains useful information to run your website very smoothly. It depends on you to choose one among these two, according to your needs.