Hosting Your Website on wordpress.com

When a business owner wants to set up a website, then he wants to make it as cheap as it is possible. WordPress offers the best platform to you to create your own website or blog at no cost, as it is free to use and open source.

If you are not sure about which type of website you want to have, then set up a WordPress site either self-hosted or hosted, so that no more efforts should be needed while you need to modify the look of your site or theme or anything else. You can experience WordPress by trial and error at very low cost.

For the business owners who have low budget, hosting their WordPress site at wordpress.com is the best option. It does not include any cost and does not need technical knowledge to run your WordPress site. Hosting your site on wordpress.com is very safe as compare to host your site on other web hosting services.

If you don’t have any technical knowledge regarding design, then you should look for templates. There are many online templates free and paid available among which you can choose one that you need. If you like to provide free reports and audios to visitors of your sites, then you need a hosting access to upload reports and audios.

If you want to use WordPress then register your domain at wordpress.com, but it will appear as domain name.wordpress.com. It will not look professional, so you need to buy a domain and send it to wordpress, and then your main site will be WordPress.