Hey, Did you Ask Google a Right Question?

Did you Know Googles new algorithm now supports the upcoming trends, accurate Guess and News as your answers, Google recently roll outs this new feature which also guesses the answers for you. Googles new algorithm keeps an eagle eye on your visitors, growing trends and keywords people are looking for Now, Right Now as well to give the best Answer

Try asking a question in your query like I did, which may sound funny but not many people are looking for it specifically. I agree that people may look for Post Code

Kew Victoria Postcode (Check the snap below)

Then try asking a very generic one which lot of people like you look for everyday before going out of their house, planning a marriage or before planning getaway

(check the snap below)

Or else put Google on test today as just now Wimbeldon Finals are finished few hours ago and google aggregated the result from the newspaper and a very famous website for the Wimbeldon Cup for you right away

Check the snap below: