Googles Demand For More Aussies To Learn Computer Technology

Google has spoken up about the importance of Australians becoming more educated in computer science or the economy will begin to suffer.

The call came from the mega US tech after the recent decline in the mining industry and the constant rise in the technological and digital sector.

With this shift in “traditional employment”, the emphasis on promoting and teaching more computing and engineering subjects is becoming more necessary as Australian Google engineer, Alan Noble admits “We can’t rely on the same old industries”.

With society becoming more dependent on software and technology there is a definite rise in job opportunities with the IT field. The US bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for computer scientists will increase by 19% between the period starting 2010 to 2020.

Although computer jobs may be stereotypically perceived as sitting in a dull office, having the credentials relating to the technology domain can take your career down pathways into the defense force, large international companies and with these skill sets, the opportunity to travel or work overseas.

While this industry is dominated mainly by males, with 86.5% studying computer science; with the need to accommodate to the changes in society, in a few years time I am sure more females will be undertaking computer and technology studies.

Google’s shout out came after Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey released a video promoting the need for US students to learn computer programming during their studies. Looking at their success, it might not be a bad avenue to take your career down.