Google Gives a New Touch to Find More High Quality Sites in Search

We always know that Google has aimed to give bes user experince with most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible. This obviously enforces Google to change the algorithms as new websites or content comes online all the time.

Google prides in launching a new noticeable change which will definately bring some fluctuations in the keywords and rankings

As confirmed by some of the reputed Googlers, This change is something which cannot be made without affecting rankings for many sites. It will definately push some high and some down. They added that Google since the start has always been dependent on the high quality of content created by wonderful people and websites around the world so the strategy is again to reward those information based sites itself

So all the sites with original content and information with facts and figures of research, indepth reports and thoughtfull analysis is something which will be considered as contender in the rankings

Google has already launched the update in states in late february and will try to keep users and SEO companies updated with further updates if any