Google Chrome OS free for everybody

Google’s offical launch says (via Google Blog) – Google has just announced new OS called Google Chrome. They are planning to release first part of the Os in second half of 2010 for netbooks majorly as they have on mobiles already.
The main aspects of this new Os are




They are designing OS in such a way so user goes on to the web in a few seconds. The major features are obviously As they did on Chrome browser where they have started to redevelop the security architecture of the OS so that it is free from viruses, malware and security updates.

Google Chrome running within a new window system on top of a Linux kernel for simplicity of software architecture. All existing web based application will work on it and new application also be written with known technologies which will run for all standard web browsers.

Google has to do a lot of work for this new OS.- Courtsey Google’s Blog Update