Google + 1

Ever heard of +1’ing websites? Google has released their own social media platform Google + to help increase the sharing of information. It’s an innovative social network tool that no small business should ignore. When a Google plus user +1’s an articles, they give that article their approval. This doesn’t mean the more +1’s you have, the higher you’ll rank in Google’s searches. In simple terms, when you +1 a piece of content, your Google plus friends and acquaintances are more likely to read the content once you recommend it. Therefore if that piece of recommended content has many +1’s, then it receives a higher click through rate which could potentially boost the social sharing of that link. This would result in an increase in Google rankings.

So what is the main difference? Google+ revolutionizes how information is being shared. Before a user publishes their data, he/she has the ability to pick the circle that they would like to share their information with. Circles identify a user’s main network of friends/acquaintances. Thereby the user has full control on who gets to see the information that’s being shared.  Facebook and Twitter feed are often flooded with tweets and posts of what’s on people’s mind at the moment, a lot of them being irrelevant to the user.

But this doesn’t mean that businesses should focus only on Google +. Until you’ve spread your wings, you have no idea how far you can fly across the social world of networking.