Getting Ahead Of The Market

Statistics show that mobile use will outdo desktop traffic by 2014. With this statistic, company owners, regardless of their forte should be this new breed of audience and start reaching out to them.

There is a growing dominance of mobile searchers. With new technology and software constantly updated and upgraded we have become largely dependent on our mobile phones. With information, music and products just a tap away, there is no wonder we have trained ourselves become reliant and revolve around this resource.

90% of us are currently searching for results of business locations or purchasing a product on our mobile devices. Mobile search marketing is rapidly impacting on consumers and the market. Also 60% of shoppers with smartphones search for the product on their mobile device before buying it. With these figures, it is now more important than ever to engage with this audience.

A mobile search strategy is a clearly an imperative part of your business and more so in your marketing plan. Mobile search optimization is very similar in technique to the standard SEO and at times may incur difficult obstacles but it will be a positive move for businesss. There are several approaches to consider for mobile search optimization. One being RWD, a definite resource that should be utilized. It allows your URL to to be displayed over all devices without needing to alter the dimensions. Having useful and entertaining content will help with directing traffic and keeping it there. Your rankings will also improve significantly. Also make sure your site is fast with a quick download to create a better user experience.

Expand your topic scope to reach mobile users. This type of audience tend to be more specific with their wording with searching. Incorporating more interests into your website you will be able to reach and attract new users to your site. in addition observe your users behavior and see exactly what is it they’re searching and use that to your advantage. Include and utilize your social media platforms to help direct traffic to your site.


Don’t pass up these great business opportunities and get stuck behind in the market. Get in there while you can.