Facebook Fan Pages

1. Choosing The Best Name –

Make sure the name of your Facebook fan page reflects your business but doesn’t fall in the generic name pool. if the name is too simple, it may be hard for people to filter through and find your page. Make it professional and original.

2. Customise your URL –

After 25 Likes on Facebook, the social platform gives the owner of the page the ability to create a unique username, that will become your Facebook URL. Use this opportunity to use keywords to help boost your optimization and reflect your business.

3. Information –

Throughout your fan page include detailed location and contact information, such as phone numbers, emails, etc. This will help local SEO indexing and will also generate more interest from customers through the ability to call or email  you directly.

4. Utilise Your Status –

When updating your profiles status, take the advantageous opportunity of the post and how it serves as a meta description. Include direct links to your other profile pages and also your businesses website.

The few tips above may seem like no – brainer’s but they can be sometimes overlooked. They are important to help optimize your fan page’s visibility and also build your brand and business.