Facebook Advertising – So simple, So efficient

Facebook has one of the highest levels of traffic amongst all the social media’s and it doesn’t look as though it will be slowing down anytime soon. With more than 150 million unique visitors everyday it is definitely a great place to get your business noticed. Facebook has identified this opportunity and fine tuned its marketing space and offers those wanting to advertise, the tools to make the whole process a lot less complicated and a whole lot more affective.

They have designed a filtering option to help assist you to connect only with users that are considered to be within your target market. Being able to predetermine who views your ad is a large advantage, not only will you be saving time and money – you will be ultimately and directly connecting with the right consumer. This filtering or consumer profiling allows you to select from gender, age, education, likes/interests, workplace and location. Depending on which criteria you choose to display your advertising to, Facebook will respond and provide you with the figure of users you will be able to target. In addition to this figure, Facebook will also track your results. Making it easier to determine where changes need to be made, if they are needed.

With the ability to groom through the users and view to a specific pool, each time they access the site they may be shown the same ad. With multiple opportunities for users to view your ad, there are several more chances you will be able to imprint your product on them and more chances of them to click on your advertisement.  Facebook Ads is also very affordable making it even more appealing to business owners. There are two options to choose from depending on your campaign– cost-per click or purchasing 1000 units of ad impressions.

Facebook have also realized the need for a larger character count and imagery when posting an advertisement to help lure in users. Using an image to accompany your text is a sure way of increasing your click-through result (CTR). Enhancing your CTR will help boost your sales. Using an ad that is not solely text based you can also reach your refined audience through mobile users.