Does Guest Blogging Work the Same as Article Marketing?

Link building, advertising, online marketing, are some methods to promote a website or a blog. There has recently come a new method of online marketing i.e. guest blogging. Many online marketers are getting attracted with guest blogging.

Some online marketers believe that article marketing and guest blogging both offer the same results in driving traffic to a website.

In article marketing, articles are submitted to article directories. In article, a link is provided which connects to the site of author which in turn will achieve many backlinks.

Guest blogging does the same thing as article marketing, but there is a little difference in article marketing and guest blogging. Guest blogging works same as article marketing and other online marketing methods as-

Blogs have followers –

Blogs have their own followers. It is certain that you will get many readers and new visitors to your blog. You will get definitely a lot of traffic through blogs.

Blogs last for a long time –

A blog gets updated, whenever blog owner likes it to update. In this case guest blog will also get updated. This will make your blog last longer on the homepage.

Generally a guest blog that is written on a blog, then hat bog stays for 2 days at least. You need to try that your guest blog stays for at least one week.

Guest blogger and blog owner promotes a blog –

If you write guest blog on a blog, then the owner will provide you a backlinks for your blog. In this case both the blog owner and guest blogger promotes blog and the site of guest blogger.