Does +1(Plus One) Rolls New Cutting Edge to Social Game??

Google Rolls Plus one on 30th of March 2011 for small user group and then the Social game begins.
Almost a year after Facebook introduced their Like button, Google introduces its own rival, the +1 (pronounced “Plus One”) button, Google’s own social bookmarking on a very large, large scale.

Spreading the power of its recently popularized ‘plus-one’, and now Google has begun incorporating +1 button to Adwords, the search engine giant’s main publicity product, so users can propose adverts to their friends and contacts, the company informed its Ad Words customers this week.

So now without you login to the Facebook to recommend Google will ask you to log in when you search (ohhh shi***!!! Read More in my next article Death of SEO’s is the Game Plan) Much the same as Facebook’ “like” button to recommend your likes to friend, Google, with its +1 button, simplified it for people to get recommendations in the SERPs from friends and colleagues online in the form of +1s in the SERPs while they are actually searching so they know what their friends have used previously and those who really care will prefer.