Difference between SEO Writer and SEO content Provider

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO writers and SEO content providers are completely different, although they both provide beneficial services to business owners. SEO content providers provide content for the site as well as work on the SEO to maximize the online visibility.

What is an SEO writer?

An SEO writer writes content that is keyword rich. They write articles for ezinearticles.com, for their own blog or site and for their client or company’s site or blog. An SEO writer should know about how to use keywords in the content. He should not overuse keywords in the content. Content writing should be done in such an effective manner that helps readers and visitors in being regular with the blog, so that they turn into potential customers. Text gets search engine optimized through content writing. Irrelevant information should not be written in a blog or article as the readers may find it boring and leave reading the blog. Content should be free from any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It should be unique and fresh, such articles draw attention of all people.

On other hand, an SEO content provider plays following roles in a site

  1. They offer keyword rich, content that is SEO friendly, fresh and quality content for your site.
  2. Fresh Content is provided to perform SEO and make a site visible
  3. They work with URL and meta for SEO
  4. Keep yourself updated with current marketing trends
  5. Enhance the visibility of a website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.