Developing Relationships

Using a social media to boost your marketing campaign is a great way to improve your online presence and build your brand awareness. However the key when using social media to your advantage is not about having the quantity in friends or followers but building strong relationships with those contacts.

Ways to interact with consumers and develop these connections is:

Provide Valuable Content

Engage your audience with relevant and topical information to make your visitors coming back for more. Listen to your users and take note of their interests and build connections with them through these discussions. This will prove beneficial to your marketing by having a clearer understanding of your target audience.

Keep It Real

People tent to judge quickly on what they read and watch through the interactions on the internet. By being true and real to your product and business values, will allow followers to view you as honest and will give the opportunity to gain a deeper trust with your consumers.


Keep your relationships with your users by listening and consistently interacting with them. Spark conversation through comments or posts. Showing you are active, displays to users your dedication and commitment to your brand.

Simple Is Easiest, Always 

Having a simple and easy site to navigate, will encourage people to filter through your platform and give you more screen time. Pages that are set up with clear functions to leave comments, like photographs or subscribe to newsletters will encourage people to interact with your site. This in turn will help you to connect and reconnect with users on a regular basis.

It’s important to remember that friendships don’t blossom over night. They take time to develop and strengthen, use a long term approach to building your social media.