Criteria to Select an SEO Company

There are many Search Engine Optimization firms which provide guarantee of placing your website in top 10 results while some firms do not guarantee.

Before hiring an SEO firm for your project, you should take a note on following criteria –

  1. Ranking result in Google – If a company promises guaranteed ranking in first page of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), then you need to confirm that it includes Google. Google is number 1 search engine among all search engines.
  2. Verify Rankings – You need to verify all rankings of the previous projects that have been told you by the company to be assured about the results promised by the SEO Company.
  3. Get the list of Previous SEO Clients – You must ask for the list of previous clients that were attended by the SEO Company. The Company must provide the list of its previous projects and clients happily. You must contact those previous clients to know about the reliability of the company and to know the time in which the company delivered desired results.
  4. Ask For Maintenance Plan – If you want to continue the services of SEO Company, then you must ask for extra charges that the company will charge.
  5. Tell them for Approval – You need to tell them that at each step of Search Engine Optimization, the company will have to take approval to implement the plans they have made for SEO. It makes you aware about all strategies which are to be implemented by the SEO Company.