Confusing Computer Chit Chat

For many, SEO is still a challenge and can be difficult to get your head around, especially when unfamiliar terminology is used to explain the functions, benefits and strategies.

By understanding and familiarizing oneself with the SEO vocabulary, the new language will become a lot more comprehensible. Below is a list of the most common terms used within the industry. They will be helpful not only has those working to invest in the aid of SEO but for also those looking to start a blog or wanting to further their understanding of webbed development.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing involves the strategy of marketing through search engines. SEM is a compound of two other products – SEO: Search Engine Optimisation, optimizing websites visibility through certain techniques to improve their search ranking results. The other being PPC or PayPerClick: purchasing of clicks from search engines to better your rankings.

Title Tag: The title of your webpage. It’s readable and always easily identifiable in its location on the top of the browser while a visitor is navigating through pages. It is an important factor for Google’s search algorithm.

Meta Tags: Is a tool that assists search engines with information found within your content. Unlike the Title Tag, Meta Tags are not visible to visitors and are placed inside the HTML.
Search Algorithm: Google’s search algorithms are used to source web and filter through web pages to find those that are most relevant to your query or search. The algorithm sorts through Title Tags, Meta Tags, content, age of domain and more to find the best result.
SERP: Search Engine Results Page, is the listed results page after you search a specific word or query. Having a higher ranking on this page, will make your more visible to users and more likely to be clicked on.

Backlink: It is also commonly referred to as an Inklink or Simplylink. A Backlink is a hyperlink on a completely separate website that will direct the user to your website. It creates higher rankings by improving the number of hits on to your website.
Anchor Text: It is the clickable text on a webpage that is also a Backlink. Anchor Texts help assist SEO by Google associating the keywords with the content throughout your site.

Keyword Density: Is the equation of:
Number Of Times The Keyword Is Used
Total Number Of Words On Page

Cloaking: A method when the content on a webpage is seen differently by visitors    and   to search engines. This technique is considered as spamming and can potentially lead to your web page being banned from search results or end in a penalty by the search engines. It is a means to assist your pages ranking and direct quality traffic to promote separate products or services.

Robots.txt: Is a file used to inform search bots of the structure and layout of your website.