Components of SEO

If you are learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you may be confused with on site and off site SEO techniques. On site techniques are very clear for beginners.

Some on site tasks are there which should be known to everyone including online marketer, business owner and web master etc.

These include following components –

  1. Title – The title tag is written in HTML’s Meta code. Whatever is written in title tag appears on the top of the screen. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing use this title tag to know about the subject of the page. So place the main keywords in title tag, this will improve the speed of SEO process.
  2. H1 Tag – Search engines use H1 tag to know about the subject of the page. It is similar to the title tag.
  3. Keyword Tag – In keyword tag, keywords are placed which are used by search engines to crawl the page if any query is found relevant to the keyword of that page.
  4. Name of Web Page – Name of the web page should be in simple English language. WordPress names a blog or a page in an understandable manner, the name simply describes the page.
  5. Description tag – This tag describes what the page is all about. A little description is placed in the description tag. Generally this tag is used by Yahoo and MSN. It is a useful tag for SEO.
  6. Unique content – A site with fresh, original and unique content is crawled first by search engines. Content has been always given priority by the search engines. So make your site rich with quality content.


These are some components that should be taken into consideration while performing SEO for a site.