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Eagle Eye Reputation Management

you know what your customers are saying about your brand in the online world? What are your former employees saying? How about your competitors? Whether you like it or not, Internet search engines are now the most important window that consumers have into your company. Tracking what’s being said about your company online – both


Repair your negative reviews

If you run a business of any kind, sooner or later someone’s going to comment about you – and not necessarily in a nice way. Rather than just ignore these comments you’ll want to downplay them through good SEO tactics, or remove them if possible. If they’re on a blog or other Website you own


Brand Creation & Management

Corporate Identity Branding is a booming business. It requires lot of thought process with an understanding of the brand, utility and relation to consumers over considerable time. SEO marketing can help provide complete makeover of a pre existing brand or first-time marketing endorsement of a new empire. Your website should be a symbol of your