Caffeine – The new update of google

Though they are been one of the largest changes done by Google and their googlers- Internet Search Giant says

Get Relaxed!!

There wont be any major change noticed by the normal user as it only affects the internet savy people including major search engine companies, website design companies and SEO consultants. They want to get a feedback and that is why its open- Matt says

Again it is clear that Google wont give out what part of the algorithm is changed, but again they claim that this has made them enable to give out very quick Google result then ever before. Again those who are doing SEO should always remember what their consultant said “Google Loves Content”

I have tried couple of the sites with of our own clients so it looks clean and states follow the old techniques and you are high up on ranks.

some of them are, But obvious

1. Be white- No tricks will work it seems

2. Obviously one said by Matt may be major affecting one- It pushes down the image and videos to focus more on putting product related things higher up

3. Content rich with proper keyword optimization

So just to some up this might be a trap for Blackhaters as obvious all the changes they make is to improve their search engine results and give more better search result on relevancy

Company blogs asks for feedback …so here is mine to you Mr Iyer and Mr Cutt