Bings Webmaster & Webinars

Last week search engine Bing, released a set of guidelines to provide direction and assist business with the best practices of SEO. The Bing Webmaster and Guidelines that is found in the Help section of Bing Webmaster Tools will cover related SEO topics such as social media, content, links, technical SEO and things to avoid. The information under these topics is very basic and does not into great detail unlike Google’s guidelines.

As Bing has stated in their press release on their blog, “They are not exhaustive and you should not expect to find deep, technical answers in them. They are intended to help most business owners understand the broad strokes of search marketing”.

In Bing stating this, there are more informative and detailed content that can be downloaded as a PDF in the Webmasters FAQ, which can be found in Bings Webmasters tools page.

Bing Webmaster Webinars is another feature they will be hosting. It will commence later this month through to February. The six webinars that will be free, will include presentations on SEO 101, authority building and crawling basics. Each webinar will be recorded and followed with a Q&A session.