Being The Center Of Attention

With millions of websites floating around the wide world web, how do you stand out from the crowd?

With the help of the right tools to direct traffic to your website, you must intrigue the user to delve further into your sight. To grasp and hold on to your consumer’s attention you first must take hold of it. By having a center of attention in your web design will attract a consumer’s eye. It can be tricky to create and design a focal point without spoiling the whole website. It is important to keep a connection between your center attraction and also the relation to the service or products been offered.

It may be hard to decide where exactly your center focal point will be positioned. The most advantageous spot would most possibly be the homepage, mainly because that’s where most visitors would be directed to through search engines. By placing it on your homepage will be sure to get visitors to hang around, but more importantly you need to get them hook, line and sinker. Using a focal point on every page will keep users on your page for a longer period of time. It will make them want to navigate further through your website.

Below are some quick tips with helping create a focal point for your website:


 Accentuate the important words and not to overdo it. Be artistic; use a concoction of colors, sizes, fonts and layouts to help emphasize your wording. Make them standout and be eye catching for visitors.


Images, graphics and photographs can be as eye catching as the next. An illustration can not only grab your consumers’ attention but it can also be informative and help endorse your products or services.  Beware: too much imagery will create too much of confusion between focal points and may be overwhelming for the user.


Have become popular with web design because of their ability be any shape, size, colour, font. They are widely used as a dominate feature because of their generally enormous size.


Creating space around an image ore text will be sure to the consumers eye to the focus point. Keeping the whitespace balanced and even surrounded the image/s can also separate the page and create two focal points.